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People Buy From People

How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World

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​”Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s my own limiting beliefs that created situations that hold me back.”  Beth Standlee

At age 19, Beth was pregnant, unwed and dropping out of college. Today, she is the founder and CEO of a successful sales training and sales coaching company. There’s a reason her story ends this way, and it’s the confidence she gained from embarking on a sales career journey that taught her more than she ever dreamed possible.

Someone once said that when Beth talks about sales, it goes form black and white to color. That’s Beth. Her passion to help others never ends. Whether it’s five people or five thousand, she has ’em in her hand. You can’t say no to that passion. And she believes deeply that you can have it, too.


A Compelling Turn-Around Story

Beth Standlee is the Founder, CEO, and President of TrainerTainment. She’s also a sought-after speaker, coach, and writer. Through her million-dollar company, she teaches people how to sell with confidence.

Beth believes the ability to sell can turn a life around. She understands this truth intimately. A career in sales turned her life around.

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Special Endorsement from Leslie Standlee

One of my best friends once told her mom, “Mom I know you love me and all, but Leslie Standlee’s mom REAAAAALLLY loves her”. For all 38 years I’ve known Beth Standlee, she’s been a relentless encourager, a thoughtful teacher, and an embodiment of FUN. Mom’s energy is like no other, and every time I thought I couldn’t do something – she was there not only to remind me that I could, but that I would do it better than anyone else.

At a very young age, I learned from my mom what the power of sales could do to shape someone’s life and perspective. I couldn’t have been much more than 6 or 7 when my mom took my sister and I to the mall because we had some new allowance money. The sales girl would only interact with my mom and wouldn’t give the smaller humans the time of day. I vividly remember mom stopping the young woman and saying, “These girls are the important ones here – they have the money. Ask them what they are looking for.” From then on, I learned that the experience of sales is about that human connection no matter howold or young you are.

Because of the choices my mom made at a very young age to pursue a career in sales, I’ve lived a life would have not ever been able to imagine. Growing up, I had the chance to play every sport, join every club, and have the love and support of parents who helped me become a top academic achiever. I got to go to college and leave with zero debt and was immediately placed in a top management trainee program at Bank of America because of the confidence and encouragement of my parents. I went on to become an executive by the age of 30, got a chance to travel the world, and obtained a salary I never thought possible. Fifteen years into my career I decided to take what seemed like a seismic shift from operations/program management into sales—all because I knew I had the access to the best coach there is. My mom was so excited and said, “NOW I ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU DO!”. Now, a year into sales, I’m leading a team responsible for driving over 5MM in revenue in a growing company all because my mom set the foundation in me before I could walk. 

No matter what, you’re always selling something. Whether it’s where you are going to have dinner with friends, negotiating a new salary, or getting a kiddo to go to bed – these skills will live with you for a lifetime. Congrats on finding your way to my mom, and I can’t wait for her to inspire your life in the way she’s shaped mine.

Beth Standlee is a true professional in all aspects of the selling profession, but one with a unique writing style embodying a delightful combination of humility and wit. Her vulnerability is on full display as she artfully shares her unique perspectives on sales as revealed inside her unfolding life story. Whether you are considering a sales role, new to the profession, or an experienced veteran of the trade, “People Buy From People” is a fascinating “must-read,” and one that delivers both encouragement and practical advice from which to grow in success in sales.


Executive Coach and author of “From Autopilot to Authentic.”

As a solopreneur, facing having to “sell myself” was daunting. Beth Standlee’s book, “People Buy From People” changed that. I had so many “yes, me too!” moments throughout the read. She manages to connect with the reader with an outstanding combination of humility, personality and straight forward expertise. Her book provided not only a clear blueprint for personally selling my business to others, but also a very relatable story of empowerment that inspired me to reach for the stars in all aspects of life.


Business Owner, eContent Success Inc.

I have known Beth since 1998, and it’s always been amazing to me that she finds it almost impossible to see a negative situation when it comes to meeting a client’s need. She oozes passion and enthusiasm. Beth has always recognized that meaningful conversations are the secret sauce to success in sales. I had the unique privilege of working alongside Beth for 2 years in her firm and learned more about selling in those 2 years than I had in the previous 20. This book gives you great insight to Beth’s sales and personal mind. You should take a peak! ​



Director of Sales & Pastor