Meet Beth Standlee

The Leader in People-First Sales Strategies.

As founder and CEO of one of America’s most successful sales training and sales coaching companies, Beth’s passion and authenticity is at the forefront of her People-First Sales Strategies.

Beth’s story is a story of confidence that she gained while embarking on a sales career that taught her more than she ever dreamed possible. A story that began at the age of 19 as a pregnant, unwed mother who dropped out of college to put food on the table.

From those humble beginnings, Beth grew into a leader. Learning that failure was not an option, she turned her passion for people into a winning formula for success.

Today, Beth teaches salespeople not to be typical salespeople. She embraces long-term solutions, not short-term fixes. She shares her insights, her techniques, and her philosophy on how to listen. How to share. How to avoid the “game playing” that is so common among salespeople.

From essential presentation skills to closing the sale, Beth addresses today’s most challenging business development issues in the most practical, personal, and imaginative ways.

For sales leaders, Beth shares her secrets to developing goals, plans, systems, and habits that consistently lead to positive results.

For salespeople, Beth shares the habits and attitudes necessary to be part of a successful sales conversation, without controlling the dialogue. She teaches salespeople how to avoid sales-limiting beliefs and close more sales.

People Buy From People

How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World

Equal parts smart and sass, Beth Standlee is an energetic and entertaining expert in the art of sales and how the profession elevates women personally, financially, and spiritually. From earning a new car every year in Tupperware sales, to selling high-tech solutions, and eventually leading her own sales and training company, Beth has never stopped selling—because sales has been the gateway to her full and satisfying life.


How People Buy From People Energizes Others:

You can tell Beth is passionate about sales, and she is correct that we are all selling something. Good humor and practical insights into making a connection. Great book!

It’s real, honest, practical, and funny. She did a great job of personalizing the ‘why and how’ of selling by integrating her own life story and I even laughed out loud several times. I appreciated how she was very honest with her own challenges and the nuts and bolts of the entire selling process.

A great read !!! Beth is a great story teller and uses the stories to show how you can achieve your greatness by learning from your life experiences.