People Buy From People

Discover the transformative power of salesmanship.

Discover the transformative power of salesmanship with the expert guidance of Beth Standlee’s ground-breaking book, “People Buy From People.”

Love and connection are two basic needs that people have. And Beth teaches you how to sell in an environment that’s not just transactional, it’s inspirational. It’s about building relationships and goal setting. It’s about putting people first, and Beth puts the pieces together with honesty, humor, passion, and a whole lotta saas!

For salespeople who want to reach a new level of success. For sales leaders who want to inspire and motivate sales teams to exceed their goals. Beth’s book shows you how to get there. With an easy-to-read narrative that doesn’t pull any punches, because when customers buy from someone whose personal brand is trustworthy and reliable, it limits risk. And when you limit risk, you gain the customer’s confidence to buy from you.

Her book shows you how a people-centric persona is not just a great way to sell, it’s a great way to live.

Get unstuck. Get connected. Get the book!

“If I could reshape each salesperson’s brain so they feel more like a journalist or a private detective than a sales rep, then it might be easier to teach the qualification part of the sales process.”

– Beth Standlee


How People Buy From People Energizes Others:

You can tell Beth is passionate about sales, and she is correct that we are all selling something. Good humor and practical insights into making a connection. Great book!

It’s real, honest, practical, and funny. She did a great job of personalizing the ‘why and how’ of selling by integrating her own life story and I even laughed out loud several times. I appreciated how she was very honest with her own challenges and the nuts and bolts of the entire selling process.

A great read !!! Beth is a great story teller and uses the stories to show how you can achieve your greatness by learning from your life experiences.